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Best Steam Iron For Clothes in 2018


You are searching for a new steam iron but you don’t know which one to choose? There are many models in several different price ranges and you are possibly confused about all the differences among these models. But, you need the best steam iron for your clothes, drapes and curtains? We are here to help you and we will present you some of the top rated and best selling models.

You can read steam iron reviews on Amazon directly, but we will shortly present you some of the pros and cons and each and every model. Our buying guide and our list of top rated models will help you to find the best model according to your budget.

Shark Professional Steam Iron

Shark Professional Steam Iron and Garment Steamer comes with automatic turn-off feature and soleplate made of stainless steel. Soleplate is available in two sizes – 8.5 inches, with power of 1500 watts, and 9 inches, with power of 1600 watts. If you think that this is not big enough, you can order an iron with 9.5 inches soleplate, that’s the biggest.

Main features of Shark Professional Steam Iron are:

– made in United States,
– premium soleplate,
– water tank is 260 milliliters capacity,
– it turns off automatically.

Shark is definitely a brand which is trustable and trustworthy. This iron keeps your clothes safe and like new. You can do the ironing both vertically and horizontally. Lenght of the cord is 8 feet, while weight of this iron is 2.9
pounds. If you have limited budget but you need high-quality steam iron, you should consider this model for your next steam iron. Its dimensions are 11.8 inches x 5.4 inches x 6.4 inches.


  • works very well,
  • heavy,
  • heats up quickly,
  • good steam.


  • some buyers had issues with steam button and leaks.

Final thoughts: If you are looking for a steam iron made in United States, this will get the job done for sure. With very good performance and affordable price, this model offers a way to iron your clothes fast and efficient.

Sunbeam Steam Master Anti-Drip Non-Stick Soleplate Iron

Sunbeam Steam Master is an iron with eight inches cord, totally retractable, with steam control and large soleplate made of stainless steel. Full name of this model is Sunbeam Steam Master GCSBSP-201-FFP Iron, it has a power of 1400 watts and it finishes the job without any issues. Automatic turn off feature is a must if you are looking for a new iron, and this model has it too.

Main features of Sunbeam Steam Master are:

– anti-calcium system,
– self-cleaning system,
– optimal results,
– big tank for water,
– and more.

This model is great for all of you who need an iron with excellent performance but your budget is not unlimited. Sunbeam Steam Master is durable and user-friendly, it can clean itself and it can turn off itself, unfortunatelly, it cannot take the clothes from your bedroom and iron it for itself, but who knows, maybe some day. Dimensions of this model are 12 inches x 4.9 inches x 5.5 inches.


  • works very well for all types of materials,
  • heavy, but not too heavy,
  • great steam,
  • doesn’t leak,
  • cord is retractable.


  • some buyers found it difficult to use.

Final thoughts: Sunbeam Steam Master has a bit commercial name, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have good features. If you don’t want to look at wrinkles on your clothes, you should give this model a try.

CHI Steam Iron With Titanium Infused Ceramic Soleplate & Over 300 Steam Holes, Professional Grade

CHI steam iron is an iron with titanium infused soleplate and more than three hundred steam holes for even distribution of steam. You can choose from several styles – with electronic controls and retractable cord, with manual controls and retractable cord, and with manual controls and standard cord. Price varies from model to model, so make sure you check the right price before you order.

Main features of CHI steam iron are:

– improved technology,
– powerful and precise,
– easy-to-use controls,
– modern and strong.

If you are looking for an iron with sleek look and modern design, CHI steam iron is a good choice. CHI is a brand that is on the market for more than thirty years and its products use flat iron technology. Solepate is unique because of titanium infused technology, it heats up really fast and you can choose the material and temperature you need quickly.

Power of this model is 1700 watts, warranty lasts two years. Dimensions of CHI iron are 4.7 inches x 11.5 inches x 9 inches, it weighs 2.9 pounds and it has excellent reviews on Amazon. According to the buyers, iron does a great job and you can forget about wrinkles on your favorite clothes.


  • lighter than other models,
  • cord is long,
  • automatic turn off feature,
  • easy to clean,
  • powerful.


  • some buyers noticed leaking after several months of use.

Final thoughts: CHI steam iron is an iron with excellent design and decent features. It heats up nicely and you don’t need too much time to iron your clothes. Soleplate is made of titanium-infused ceramics, and evenly distributed steam is guaranteed. If you need iron for every-day use, CHI steam iron is excellent way to do it.

Aicok Steam Iron 1700W Professional Garment Steamer with Retractable Cord

With variable temperature control and steam control, and with non-stick soleplate, Aicok steam press iron comes in black color and it’s 2018 new release. With 1700 watts of power, you will get your iron ready in around fifteen seconds. How cool is that? Iron is efficient and with really affordable price. There are five different settings of temperature for different types of clothes and materials.

Main features of Aicok steam iron are:

– precise and safe,
– double protection,
– vertical steaming possible,
– warranty lasts five years.

If you have any questions about this model, or if you already bought this product, there is a customer support available 24 hours a day. In case you are not satisfied with Aicok steam iron, support is here to resolve any issue you have. Dimensions of Aicok iron are 12.07 inches x 4.76 inches x 5.67 inches. It weighs 2.76 pounds only.


  • cord is retractable,
  • powerful,
  • vertical steam is also possible,
  • easy-to-use functions.


  • handle is a bit close to temperature dial.


Final thoughts: For a great price, you will receive a great iron. Steam output is strong, iron is sturdy and stable, and it works great for all types of fabrics.

BLACK+DECKER Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron, LCD Screen, Gray, D2030

BLACK+DECKER Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron comes in blue and gray color, and it works so smooth and strong at the same time. With more than five thousand reviews, this is an iron for all types of users. Steam rate is pretty high, you can forget about wrinkles on your clothes! Handle is ergonomic and quite comfortable.

Main features of BLACK+DECKER Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron are:

– soleplate is made of stainless steel,
– digital temp control,
– LCD screen included,
– automatic turn-off feature,
– and more.

When iron is ready, LCD screen will flesh to inform you that you can start ironing. This iron has nice professional design and its steam is powerful for any type of wrinkles. You can choose steam level and temperature with just few moves. Dimensions of this model are 5 inches x 11.5 inches x 6 inches. It weighs 3.8 pounds.


  • it’s not too light, nor too heavy,
  • fantastic steam rate,
  • quick heat up,
  • no leaks.


  • cord is not retractable.


Final thoughts: If you don’t mind to roll up a cord every time you use an iron, you can definitely say that this model is great for any average user. You just need to learn how to setup temperature and steam rate, and this will be your favorite iron for sure.

Steamfast SF-717 Mini Travel Steam Iron with Dual Voltage

Steamfast SF-717 Mini Travel Steam Iron with Dual Voltage comes with non-stick soleplate, it’s great for traveling and it even has anti-slip handle! You don’t have to wait too long for an iron to heat up, this small but sturdy iron will help you to do the job quickly and efficiently. With 420 watts of power, it’s not the most powerful iron on the market, but warranty lasts two years and a support is also available for any issues and questions.

Main features of Steamfast SF-717 Mini Travel Steam Iron are:

– small and efficient,
– water capacity is 1.4 ounces,
– quick heat up,
– and more.

Dimensions of this model are 3.1 inches x 2.9 inches x 5.3 inches. Cord is 7.5 feet long which is more than enough for average user. It weighs less than one pound.


  • handy and compact,
  • easy to transport,
  • great for sewing too,
  • small but durable.


  • some buyers could not learn how to use it.

Final thoughts: If you are looking for mini iron for traveling, Steamfast is definitely very good choice. There are three different settings for temperature, one touch steam control is easy to use, and one of the coolest options is – it has dual voltage settings, for 100 and for 240 volts. Bag and cup are also included.

BLACK+DECKER Classic Steam Iron, F67E

BLACK+DECKER Classic Steam Iron is for all of you who wants nothing spectacular and ultra modern, this iron is for all of you who just needs a reliable iron that does the job without any hassle. Soleplate of BLACK+DECKER Classic Steam Iron is made of aluminum, it is built to serve and to help you, and with dry or steam ironing, you can forget about wrinkles on your clothes for good.

Main features of BLACK+DECKER Classic Steam Iron are:

– anti drip system,
– seven different settings for temperature,
– auto turn-off feature,
– easy glide.

Design is BLACK+DECKER Classic Steam Iron is very user friendly. It is simple and it doesn’t have anything special, it doesn’t have too many functions and buttons, and this is why I like the model in the first place. Iron is secure to use and with cord that pivot, it will not be on your way. Dimensions of this model are 5.2 inches x 10.1 inches x 6.2 inches, and it weighs 3.2 pounds.


  • heats up fast,
  • good price,
  • made of good materials,
  • built to serve.


  • some buyers think it is too heavy.

Final thoughts: With eight feet cord and easy to use button, this model is a must have no matter how old you are. This model is classic, it’s not modern and ultra fency, but it does the job nicely, that’s for sure.

T-fal FV4017 Ultraglide Non-Stick and Scratch Resistant Durilium Ceramic Soleplate Steam Iron

Forget about drips and leaks with T-fal steam iron with automatic turn-off feature and 1700 watts of power! Iron has ergonomic design and it’s precise no matter if you do the ironing vertically or horizontally. Tank for water is large enough and it’s easy to fill it with water. You can choose among regular and enameled soleplate before you order.

Main features of T-fal steam iron are:

– automatic turn-off feature,
– steam is released with just one finger,
– anti-drip system included,
– smooth and sturdy.

No matter if you are beginner in ironing or not, this iron will do the job perfectly.


  • light and easy glide,
  • buttons are easy to use,
  • quick heat up,
  • solid design.


  • some buyers noticed leaks after some time.

Final thoughts: According to the reviews, this iron is probably one of the lightest you can find and it does the job very well. Just make sure you clean valve for self cleaning from time to time especially if you use this iron every day.

Rowenta DW5080 Focus 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate with Auto-Off, 400-Hole

Rowenta DW5080 Focus Micro Steam Iron has a power of 1700 watts and it is made of stainless steel. This model is made in Germany and this is definitely a guarantee for high-quality product. You can buy professional steam iron or professional handheld steamer for an affordable price.

Main features of Rowenta DW5080 Micro Steam Iron are:

– even steam distrubion,
– precise and accurate,
– automatic turn-off feature,
– self cleaning system
– and more.

Dimensions of this model are 11 inches x 5 inches x 6 inches. It weighs only 3.4 pounds and it’s available in taupe color. With outstand features, Rowenta Micro Steam iron has everything you need no matter what you need to iron. This model provides easy-to-use features even for areas difficult to reach. You can always control the level of water inside the tank, and with 400 microholes on the soleplate, distribution of steam is guaranteed.

With Rowenta steam iron, you don’t need to use expensive water from the store, you can use tap water without any issues and for maximum results. If you need to iron drapes and curtains, you can use iron vertically. Iron has anti-calc system that provides clean iron without impurities. And if you forget to turn it off, it will turn off automatically.


  • reliable and sturdy,
  • self-cleaning system,
  • long cord,
  • big water tank,
  • heats up fast.


  • possible water leaks issues.


Final thoughts: Rowenta is definitely well-known brand when it comes to ironing. This is powerful steam iron with lots of useful features, it is easy to use and easy to maintain. With good price and excellent reviews, you cannot go wrong with Rowenta Micro Steam Iron.

BLACK+DECKER IR03V Easy Steam Compact Iron

BLACK+DECKER IR03V Easy Steam Compact Iron comes in three different styles. You can choose a steam iron with anti dripping and smart steam system, there is also a model with anti-drip and SmartStream with automatic turn off feature, and there is also compact model with variable steam if you are interested in this type of iron. Soleplate is non-stick with true glide system.

Main features of BLACK+DECKER IR03V Easy Steam Compact Iron are:

– for all types of fabrics,
– vertical and horizontal stream,
– no more dripping,
– control of moisture,
– and more.

BLACK+DECKER IR03V is a compact iron with technology that controls levels of steam easily and quickly. You can create variable amount of steams with this feature and this is the main benefit of this model when comparing to similar ones. Tank for water is large enough even for the most demanding users. Dimensions of this model are 10 inches x 4.2 inches x 5.5 inches. It weighs 1.75 pounds.


  • made of good quality materials,
  • it slides easily,
  • excellent price,
  • for every-day use.


  • some buyers had issues with drips.


Final thoughts: According to the buyers, this model is fine and useful, with lots of cool features such as SmartSteam technology. With solid performance and affordable price, this is a model that fits almost all budgets.

What to look for When you want to buy steam iron

It’s time to buy new steam iron? Take your time and read our buying guide for some of the most useful information you’ll need. Some people bought the first model they saw, and they were not so lucky. Before you make final decision, you must answer some of the questions. First, you must set your budget. It’s not useful to look for steam irons with the price above one hundred or two hundred dollars if you have only fifty dollars to spend. Always look for models that fits your budget. This way, you will not lose precious time to navigate through irons you cannot afford.

Some of the features good steam iron needs to have are:

high-quality soleplate – It is adviceable for a soleplate to be non-stick and easy to glide. Many soleplates are made of aluminum and this is definitely good option. Some of them are titanium-infused, and this is even better. If you read our list above, there are some models these types of soleplates.

buttons and controls – it is also really important where the buttons are located. Buttons must not be close to the handle, because you will change temperature’s and clothes’ setting accidentally if you move your hand next to the button. Some buttons are located above or underneath the handle. No matter where the buttons are, read detailed reviews and check if buttons are near the handle or not.

weight – last, but not the least – it’s important to see how much steam iron weighs. Many people rush in and buy the steam iron with a minimal weight, but that is not good solution, because easiest iron is not equal to the best iron. Some lightweight irons are not sturdy and stable enough especially if you use them every day, some of them are made of plastic and you want to avoid this type of irons. Choosing the iron with not too heavy nor too light weight is the safest option.


We believe that you have many questions when it comes to buying a new steam iron, but we are here to help and our team of experts are here to provide answers to all the questions you have. Our buying guide is very informational and you definitely need to read full guide before you make final decision. Once you do that, you can choose one model from our list, it is a good way to start. When you learn how to use the steam iron, you will definitely have the knowledge to choose which model you want next time. If you don’t have limited budget, don’t buy the most expensive one, pick the one you really like and with features that fit your needs.

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